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Just thought I’d start a thread on Wolf’s changes to the election rules. Soros’ anti groups are going to go around getting paper votes from every current non voter and influence them. It’s what they did in Virginia and Wolf liked it and signed new voting laws in to make this happen. 

It is probably the biggest threat we face. It will change the legislature overnight.

Everyone surviving hanging out at home w/ their families?  

I'm enjoying working from home lately - much better than septa to philly every day.

Here's the two logos that PA2A has. I think they may make a nice 2 to 3" round patch. 

What do yinz think? Which one? Any additions? Substractions? Come up with new logos?

[Image: new-logo.png]

[Image: pa2alogo-copy.png]

Ok we were hitting CPU limits due to the WP site so I upgraded the hosting. We should see improved performance.

I believe I solved the PA2A emails going to spam problem. 

I registered a test user and the email didn't go to spam.

This should solve any private message notification emails going to spam as well.

Please confirm, or let me know if they're still going to spam. I can't promise that every mail service will recognize PA2A emails as not spam.

Besides hosting of the site, there's some security features that I installed that cost money. I bet the site will be close to 300/year to run.

On top of that, we're going to want shirts/patches, and such. So far, we've been lucky that a lot of people are willing to crowd source, but there have been large gaps which I've covered myself. I don't mind doing that to get things off the ground, but we have to think of ways to pay for those things going forward.

Obviously, we can't just give everything away. My idea for the Harrisburg rally is to give out those tshirts and patches to generate excitement because the more people we have on board, the more people we have to draw ideas from and hopefully get donations from. After the Harrisburg rally, I envision charging nominal fees for shirts and patches, for example. We can still have some free items, like stickers, for example. 

The shirts we're handing out have a cost of 7.25 to make. I don't think we'd be out of line asking for 10 dollars each going forward.

Similarly, the patches were right around 3 dollars each, 5 dollars would be fair I think. 

Keep in mind that those are PAFOA patches that I commissioned months ago when I was still trying to launch at PAFOA as a treat for people that stand with us, and those will be the only PAFOA patches that I will produce. We will need a PA2A patch and I will get logo files from rocketfoot and we can talk about that.

I don't want to go crazy with fund raising, because I don't want to draw too much attention to ourselves. I don't want to have to incorporate and all of that nonsense. I just want to be able to pay for the website, and have some merch that pays for itself, and a small fund to purchase needed rally items.

What online easy storefronts do yinz have experience with? If I didn't have to mail things myself, that would be great. Someone mentioned Teespring. Amazon has a merch section now and I have a friend with an account. Their cost per shirt may be higher though.

What other ways of fundraising? I can probably put some sort of donation widget on the website with a "PA2A" paypal or something.

There's a few people I hope still jump over here, but until then, I wanted to start a list of things we need. I'm also going to direct people interested in rally planning to come here from the Facebook group. We'll see how that goes.

Remember, the goal is to be able to pull off a Pittsburgh style rally whenever needed.

1) Social media. I think we're set up, we have a forum, WordPress, Facebook page, Facebook group, and Instagram.
2) Public address system. Maybe 4 bullhorns, keeping 2 on each side of the state? Or a couple portable PA systems.
3) Signs. I think I can use the sign guy that donated at PAFOA, but we can't expect him to continue to give them to us for free. I'll reach out to him and see what he can do in the future.
4) People willing to be "security." I might have a contact or two from the Pittsburgh rally.
5) Contacts for getting people to speak, if necessary.
6) Flyers. Someone to design flyers. Someone willing to print them. I can probably handle printing.
7) People willing to donate cash. This has to be grass roots and similar to how we funded Tshirts, we need people willing to kick in. Otherwise, we might have to go the whole official route to have "fund raisers."
8) "Swag," Tshirts, patches, stickers, etc. We have a guy willing to work with us on Tshirts, and I told Cruzans going forward if we use him we'll simply change the website on the tshirt. I might be able to do challenge coins again too. The aim with "giving out" tshirts at the coming rally was to drive people to PAFOA. I don't think we should be expected to give out things for free all the time, and maybe we can sell some of these items.

What else?

I'd like to have things in place for short notice rallies, responding on either side of the state..., Pittsburgh/Philly/Harrisburg would be the main targets.

Some of this will take cash. What are some good ways to raise that cash?

One thing I noticed was that I received the activation code in my account activation email but I was able to log right in without entering that code anywhere. Just thought it needed mentioned, wasn't sure if this was an issue or not.

And now my signature disappeared and when i go to the "change signature" screen it says I don't have permission to access the page and to resend activation code.

I think...

The PA2A Icon 'link' should always go back to the top level of the domain (when clicked):
https://pa2a.org/ ---- Rather than to the top level of the forum...

The Home option on the top menu can serve to get you to the top of the Forum.
Perhaps it should say Forum Home rather than just Home???


It would be a good idea to have a forum section for posting information about preparing for a rally - any rally.

That might include info about how to dress warm or keep cool, how to make signs or where to get signs made, etc.

There might also be a need for a forum section on 2A/Gun Contacts - Such as shooting clugs (some contact person), gun stores (contact person), etc. This would be a pool of contacts from which local rallies could create mailing lists or phone calls, etc. to organizations whose members would/should attend and support 2A issues.

Glad to see this effort to support in parallel, rather than compete with, other 2A support organizations.

No other issues will be important if Freedom is not defended - Keeping & Supporting the 2A is critical to remind those who would deny us our Rightful Freedoms that the Founding Fathers urged that there be consequences to crossing the line.