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I'm not sure what happened, but a few days ago the forum stopped sending emails for things like PMs. The error log indicates a problem with the email server I'm using to avoid the spam box, so I've submitted a ticket with them.

I'll keep yinz posted.

One of the speakers yesterday noted that they did not like the term "law-abiding gun owners". One of the reasons for moving away from that term that came to my mind was a law-maker who was proposing several strict gun-control measures. When asked how she thought "law-abiding gun owners" would respond, she said basically, "Well, if they are really law-abiding, they will comply with whatever we pass."

Perhaps as "laws" continue to move further away from the constitution, a different label is in order. Yesterday's speaker suggested "Peaceable gun owners." I think it's a good suggestion, because I think that many of us may find ourselves in situations where we may soon be turned into criminals, literally by the stroke of a pen rather than our own explicit actions, but that still doesn't mean we are roaming the streets inciting violence and looking for any possible justification to use our guns.


Let's get a list of items we need.

1) Business cards.
2) Stickers (matching our patches.)
3) Nametags

All of these things we suggested by GNBrotz and I believe he has a name tag solution.

4) Portable PA system (I do have a bull horn, which seemed to work well for the impromptu rally.
5) Portable podium.
6) Pamphlets/flyers for PA2A.
7) Table banner.

What else?

I accidentally deleted the other thread haha.

Anyone, long story short, GNBROTZ and I were talking about how often we should plan rallies, and I through out the idea of 3 scheduled rallies per year.

1 in Pittsburgh, 1 in Philly, and support the annul Harrisburg rally.

On top of that, be ready for a "pop up" rally such as the potential Gettysburg boog. 

And other rallies such as VCDL.

There were a couple of positive responses.

Looks like I need to find a place to host images that I want to post here. Suggestions?

VCDL had a protest in Alexandria, VA today to protest the gutting of VA's preemption laws. Starting July 1, local municipalities will have a whole slate of "gun control" issues that the can regulate at the local level. Right out of the gate, Alexandria plans to implement ever single possible new control the law allows. Not in response to a specific problem in the community. Simply because "they can."

I made a last minute decision to go down and stand with them. I'll post a few photos when I figure out where I can host them. In the mean time, if you're on FB, you really need to get connected with the VCDL page. This guys run a first class operation I think there is much we can learn by their example. Further, we should support them in any way we can.

Most of the crowd remained around the perimeter, where there was shade available, until the speaking began. VCDL did a headcount of 350 folks.

[Image: 103422671-10158582990354809-4638931419095949468-o.jpg]

[Image: 103684764-10158582994489809-6254268250869305251-o.jpg]

[Image: 83534014-10158582992899809-289430852582426215-o.jpg]

[Image: 103929537-4163976076953363-3324844961745636848-o.jpg]

This rally is already being promoted heavily by VCDL. Given their track record and the media hype around last year's event, I'm very certain this will not be "postponed", so there's no reason we shouldn't be aware and planning our own participation.

Justin has given me some permissions to post to our official blog on the site here.  I made my first official post today on the rally.  Go check it out and give me some feedback on it.  I'm completely new to wordpress as a platform and haven't written anything besides forum posts for years, so let me know what you all think or ways to improve future content.

I can't believe it's up and running haha! Anyway, some people that couldn't come to the rally expressed interest in buying patches and such, so I set up a simple store with prices that I think are fair for covering costs of mailing, transactions fees, and tiny bit for the kitty.


Berncly has accepted a position here to be on the moderation staff as he's going to help us partner with GOA-PA and their embedded lobby arm in Harrisburg.

This is something he's been wanting to do for a long time and I'm glad that we can provide a place for him to do it!

Welcome aboard Bern!