VCDL Lobby Day - Richmond, VA - 01/18/21 - 11am
This rally is already being promoted heavily by VCDL. Given their track record and the media hype around last year's event, I'm very certain this will not be "postponed", so there's no reason we shouldn't be aware and planning our own participation.
Have they created an event? If so, then we should have our own to start drumming up PA support. We definitely need a presence there again.
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They do not yet. They have seen a tremendous surge in membership applications and are currently about 1000 behind because they keep all data in-house, and until now, their system only supported one user entering data at any given time. They are internally revamping software so multiple individuals can do things at the same time. They made a very big point about never putting member data out ANYWHERE for any reason.

They have a pretty extensive staff, and I wouldn't expect an official FB event posting until maybe 60 to 90 days out (my guess). There is the potential for a legislative "re-assembly" later this year to attempt further gun control, so there was 'heads up' given on that.....if it happens, they will be there. They have a lot going on on many fronts, so I don't expect to see them 6 months ahead in any particular area.

They have established that Lobby Day is on MLK Day every year, so anyone can easily plan for the exact date even if they haven't made an official announcement yet. Unlike Metcalfe's event, which floats on the calendar a bit.

Justin, you may want to make contact with their social media guy at some point ( I had a chance to speak very briefly the Philip Van Cleave (current president) yesterday. I didn't speak as a rep of PA2A, but did tell him that we are dealing with a similar political climate, that we are watching VA, and want to help with their fight whenever we can.
This event has now been created on FB.

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