Re-branding ourselves as gun owners
One of the speakers yesterday noted that they did not like the term "law-abiding gun owners". One of the reasons for moving away from that term that came to my mind was a law-maker who was proposing several strict gun-control measures. When asked how she thought "law-abiding gun owners" would respond, she said basically, "Well, if they are really law-abiding, they will comply with whatever we pass."

Perhaps as "laws" continue to move further away from the constitution, a different label is in order. Yesterday's speaker suggested "Peaceable gun owners." I think it's a good suggestion, because I think that many of us may find ourselves in situations where we may soon be turned into criminals, literally by the stroke of a pen rather than our own explicit actions, but that still doesn't mean we are roaming the streets inciting violence and looking for any possible justification to use our guns.

I never liked it either, which is why I don't say "law abiding," because I sure as fuck am not going to be law abiding if they pass similar measures in this state. I won't confirm nor deny that I'm currently in abidance with all laws either. /rollseyes
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is "constitution M'Fer" still an option for branding?
"generally law abiding" is my favorite. as we are generally law abiding but not to a fault, other than enabling them to threaten us thus far, eroding our liberties nearly to the verge of revolution.
peacable might be the same issue as law abiding. there is no certainty we will always remain as either in the face of tyranny.
(06-18-2020, 03:51 AM)EZ3 Wrote: "Liberty-minded"?

Sounds much better than "law-abiding".

Freedom doesn't require laws.   Laws and regulations are restrictions on freedom in the case of the 2A, which is a natural right.

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