Rally Goals
I accidentally deleted the other thread haha.

Anyone, long story short, GNBROTZ and I were talking about how often we should plan rallies, and I through out the idea of 3 scheduled rallies per year.

1 in Pittsburgh, 1 in Philly, and support the annul Harrisburg rally.

On top of that, be ready for a "pop up" rally such as the potential Gettysburg boog. 

And other rallies such as VCDL.

There were a couple of positive responses.
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I do like that we have the entire state covered for planning and short-notice events...you out west near Pittsburgh, Bern around Philly and others like jhaydeno and I right down the road from Harrisburg.

Not saying you, or any of us, won't be contributors for every event, but when you need someone to run to the Capitol on short-notice or somewhere in our two major cities...you're covered.

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