Hello All from NW
Hey folks. Hope everyone is well.

It's been busy here in NW PA. The other group I "play" with, PA III& Patriots has been keeping me busy. Considering this is the most recent rendering of a PA III% patriot group and only 4 months old...we have a pretty large number of people on our roster (130). But as usual there are only 20-30 people really involved in the physical world.  And these people were there and have been there for a while. The rest are keyboard warriors.

Our core group has been busy.  A few have been doing tactical pistol training at the Sheepdog Project at Altra firearms in Mercer County. We've had a few training sessions with just members.  We are trying to get as many people as we can licensed for HAM radio. There a class set up in Erie with a local club and it's going well.  There's been a few local events where others ask for help for a show of force around monuments and during protests. Fortunately the antfa and BLM tards in NW PA know better than to fuck around with us.

This weekend we are having a monthly meet at MK Goddard state park (Saturday, launch 2 at 11:00).  I am hoping with all the shit going on in the country that the keyboard warrior people get a little initiative and show up.  Our primary purpose to get people grouped together by location and come up with a plan if SHTF. 

Again, hope everyone is well.  I think the next few months will not be any better, maybe worse. Keep you powder dry, be vigilant, and shoot straight when required.
Unfortunately I'm a keyboard warrior this weekend with two trade shows, Friday and Saturday, sun up to sun down. Keep us and me posted please! I will definitely make the trip over as soon as I can. You guys have a fantastic thing rolling over there, keep up the great work!
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