Alexandria, VA protest hosted by VCDL - 6/13/20
VCDL had a protest in Alexandria, VA today to protest the gutting of VA's preemption laws. Starting July 1, local municipalities will have a whole slate of "gun control" issues that the can regulate at the local level. Right out of the gate, Alexandria plans to implement ever single possible new control the law allows. Not in response to a specific problem in the community. Simply because "they can."

I made a last minute decision to go down and stand with them. I'll post a few photos when I figure out where I can host them. In the mean time, if you're on FB, you really need to get connected with the VCDL page. This guys run a first class operation I think there is much we can learn by their example. Further, we should support them in any way we can.

Most of the crowd remained around the perimeter, where there was shade available, until the speaking began. VCDL did a headcount of 350 folks.

[Image: 103422671-10158582990354809-4638931419095949468-o.jpg]

[Image: 103684764-10158582994489809-6254268250869305251-o.jpg]

[Image: 83534014-10158582992899809-289430852582426215-o.jpg]

[Image: 103929537-4163976076953363-3324844961745636848-o.jpg]
Really cool of you to go down! Nice job!
[Image: image.php?u=33476&type=sigpic&dateline=1441745850]
Updated the OP with some pics and headcount estimate of 350 folks.
Great job making it down to help our brothers in arms in VA.

Too bad they didn't take a whole bunch of Gadsden flags to decorate the light posts with along side the other flags.  Free speech of for everyone, right?

I really like that they're still using those orange recognizable and effective.

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