VCDL 2021 Lobby Day

PA2A is planning on adding attendance to the VCDL’s yearly “lobby day” in Richmond, VA. Normally each year, they have a massive gathering at their capitol in Richmond to lobby their legislature. Unfortunately this year, between COVID, new gun laws aimed at preventing patriots from legally carrying downtown for events like this, and even the city conspiring to ensure the VCDL doesn’t get the opportunity to get a permit for the event, they’ve had to come up with a new theme for this year and got quite creative with it!

For 2021, the VCDL is coordinating a massive 2A caravan; they have several routes established from each corner of the state, to form several massive caravans that all converge in Richmond at the same time and keep this huge parade going through the capitol for hours. For more info on the routes, go to their site here:

  • PA2A is looking to muster folks from PA, and gather our group to meet in Winchester, VA the day before. Winchester is a meeting spot for a “sub-route” that joins a primary route in Staunton, VA.
  • Our plan is to get to Winchester on Sunday, January 17th, spend the night and be ready to hit the road Monday morning to join the primary caravan in Staunton around 1:30pm.
  • We encourage everyone that can attend to try and coordinate carpooling in this thread, since it’s a bit of a drive.
  • If you’d like to help coordinate, please join us at and join the discussion.
  • Latest updates from the VCDL can be found HERE.