Listed below are our plans for the Metcalfe 9/29 rally.  This information was put together by members of PA2A for everyone’s benefit to enjoy the rally as a group, and do so as safely as possible.  For any further information, please ping myself or (who else wants to be a point of contact)

  • – Organizing as a group at a location in downtown Harrisburg within walking distance of the Capitol Steps
  • – Promote different types of communication for the group to be in contact for everyone’s safety.
  • – Radio and Mobile Phone Comms
  • – PA2A will be hosting a table at the spot marked below. We’ll be passing out our standing t-shirts, as well as patches and new “Guns Save Lives” stickers.
  • – Please consider joining the PA2A forum and pinging a member for details if you’d like to accompany us the day of the rally.

Hope to see all of you on Tuesday the 29th!